Announced YouTube channel March 18th, 2021 and a Passion Project.

Hi everyone....let me introduce myself.

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Please pay it forward.

Help me help the next generation. 

Getting started the right way 

with these tips is extremely important . 

Sample resume to the right.

You are starting a new business!

Now you need a business plan. 

Here is what you should do when late to audition/callback or job.

 Oh and don't ever be late!

Stock Photography is the 

worse thing an actor can do! 

My video has a stock shot behind me.

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Talent have to track their work and keep all documents like release, contracts and vouchers. You never know when an old ad could be used and you need to get paid. 

Coming soon...videos on vouchers, releases, NDA's and contracts for both on set and agents. Actual examples will be included. 

I always recommend keeping tattoos covered up so depending on the role you show them off. 

Location and size matters because even the wrist is shown when you hold a product.

Notice the audio and lighting isn't that good in this video. Find the right spot to do your

self-taping auditions. 

Casting directors have been complaining about talent not keeping headshots current. 

They might not be selecting you because of that. 

See text from 

Casting Director to right.

When a casting directors look at an old shot it is misleading to them. 

Not all videos are on this site. 

New videos are add to 

YouTube channel.

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