Thank you so much, they look great! I love the look of the eyeliner you added. Sorry for the late response, but yes those are great! Thanks again! 

Alissa Chavez

Thank you .These look great!


They look great! 

Thank you so much! 

Thanks again,

Anyssia Gomez 

Wow those look great! Thank you Misti. 

Nate Hiser

They are all so cute 😄 I love the glasses look so much !I’ll email you this evening . Remi had a lot of fun she just absolutely loves you! Thank you .

Nicole McConnell 

*Remi is a repeat customer and has booked a few print jobs and commercials off her headshot. 

Oh wow they're great! Thanks! 

Nicholas Campbell

Well, I think we have at least narrowed down the ones we liked, but I'll be honest, I seriously loved every single one of them. 

You did an amazing job. 

I had to recruit everyone in the family to help me with this. 

Katie Provot

Perfect caption lol the pictures look awesome, 

Thanks for all your help Misti you are amazing, 

Hope you have a great day! 😀

Gabriel Jauregui

Thank you Misti, 

They are great and I had fun too!


OMG they are perfect. Thanks so much!!

I can’t wait to see what opportunities come in 2019!

Tina Jackson

*Adam is a repeat customer and booked several print jobs off his headshots Misti took over the past few years. Most recently he booked a print job for June 2020.