The Actor's Closet

Do you need a personal stylist? 

Look no farther! I’m here to help. I can provide feedback and wardrobe so you look your best for that next audition. 

Folks who take shots with me for headshots or character looks also get access to all that I have during our session. 

I have lots of advice and tools to share with you during our meeting.  

I can go over what works in your wardrobe for auditions and jobs. I’ll also point out what you should never wear and save you from future mistakes. 

I also have some items that are available for purchase. Most tops are between $10-$20 because I get them on sale/clearance once the season is over. I’ve taken the guess work and time out of you running around trying to find things that work because I can tell you right now I have to search and search to find things for kids and adults that have no logo, no busy design and no words. I put in lots of time so you don't have to. Contact me for a consultation to go over outfits you should be using. All our actors within our agency can reach me direct and meet with me for free at any time. 

I want you looking great and booking your next audition so come see me ASAP to see what else you can do to help reach that goal. Don't waste any more time and stop burning through auditions making mistakes and not getting the results you want. I will meet with my actors within our agency and have them bring wardrobe in and let them know what didn't work since most does not. Wearing what does work best to help you land the job is essential. I've shaken my head after looking as self-tape auditions because you need to do everything right to get the booking just 2 or more mistakes can ruin your chances of getting a callback or booking!

I've have personally spent lots of time and reinvested money after each photo shoot into helping each of you look your best. After taking photo's for a year and not happy with half the shots because of the talent wardrobe I stared to invest in wardrobe, hats, props, backgrounds, wigs all to make sure you all look GREAT!