Audition/Job preparation

Do your research!!!!

Auditions Are Job Interviews.

I'm shocked how often talent do not do this simple step to help them prepare. Review past ads when possible or look up the brand and site to see what colors they tend to have. If you are auditioning for a Target commercial and are not an employ khaki pants and a red top is a huge mistake but if it is as a cashier you just helped yourself get closer to booking the job.

Training is part of your preparation!!!

You should have your regular acting coach/studio that you can go to for big roles to help prepare for auditions. Some talent will do a private lesson for some audition preparation when a big opportunity comes up. We recommend Cara Alvey and lots of others in Arizona. We also don't recommend some companies so watch out. Training with the casting directors is also a good idea as well. You will feel more comfortable around them later in auditions, you will understand how they communicate and what they like. You also give them more time to get to remember you for future castings. I personally recommend in person training as much as possible instead of zoom.

Garth Williams Casting

Jan and Garth Williams also have a theater company

Dearing Acting Studio is also Phx Casting

Good Faith Casting is located in AZ and NM

An Actor Closet

Talent should have a space set aside for a few things in their closet clean and ready to go to an audition or job. Nice casual outfit is very common and nice upscale casual. Have a good wardrobe for auditions and jobs in also part of your job as an actor. Having a few outfits/tops, jackets are key. See other page on site about this specific subject that is often over looked by actors and is a common mistake. Best part the wardrobe for an actor is not expensive with no name brands needed. You are often asked to take some wardrobe to a shoot, please remember leave nothing behind and to take more then needed and leave some things in the car. Take photo's of what you have so you can show wardrobe dept. It is always better to be over prepared, early and the most professional talent on set.

An Actors Playlist!

Preparing mentally is just as important as all the steps that took to get you to this point. Finding the vibe and feeling of the role you are going for is so important. Wardrobe, makeup, glasses, hats, jewelry, facial hair all help an actor transform. You may need to feel sexy, bad ass or sometimes you just need to be pumped up and feeling good to help build up confidence. These are some of my choices for some music to help you next time. Please notice how the music artist changed up their look in the videos.

These are via YouTube and are not for kids due to bad language.

I'd love to add more so email me some that you think I should add.


  • Andy Grammer "Good To Be Alive"

  • Pitbull "I Believe We Will Win"

  • Pitbull "I Feel Good"

  • Pharrell Williams "Happy"

  • Lizzo "Good as Hell"

  • Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk"

  • "Feeling' Myself"


  • Ed Sheeran "Supermarket Flowers"

  • Bruno Mars "When I Was Your Man"

  • Bob Charles "Butterfly Kisses"

  • Olivia Rodrigo "Traitor"

Ladies kick butt songs

  • Carrie Underwood "Before He Cheats"

  • Pink "So What"

  • Alicia Keys "Girl on Fire"

  • Katy Perry "Roar"

  • Pink "Get the Party Started"

Ladies feeling sexy

  • Meghan Trainor "All About that Bass"

  • Destiny's Child "Bootylicious"

  • Camilla Cabello "Havana"

Post audition or bad day

  • Bruno Mars "Just the Way You Are"

  • Taylor Swift "Mean"

  • Taylor Swift "Shake It Off"

  • Pink "So What"

  • Pink "True Love"

  • Pink "Cover Me in Sunshine"

  • Katie Perry "Firework"

  • Katie Perry "This is How We Do" (look at her transformation)

  • Bruno Mars "Lazy Day"