Misti Wagner

TV ad in the 80's was a big deal everyone got it

TV guide ad from the 80's

print ad for a home builder

Misti's comp card from 1987.

All shots were black and white then.

Misti started in the business in 1987 and was a child actress/model in Phoenix Arizona. She is a local AZ girl who loves the state she is from. She did commercial, print, industrial film and voiceovers till 1997. At that point she decide to quit acting and start working at the agency full time. Over the years she has worked with thousands of clients and talent. Doing in house casting for TV and Film out of AZ has also shown her the casting side as well. In 2007 Misti and her husband Etgar opened up Spices Mediterranean Kitchen. Within the first year they got a 5 star review from the AZ republic and shortly after that they started winning awards for Best Mediterranean Restaurant, Best Falafel, Best Kabob and more. After having a horrible experience with trusting the wrong people to run the restaurant (both family and friends stole) it was time to close the restaurant and move on to other opportunities. So after 9 long years running Spices they closed May 2016 and Misti turned around only 3 short months later and started up her new business Misti Wagner Acting Business Coach. Over the years Misti has been used as an industry expert for local news coverage for NBC, ABC, and CBS. She was also featured in a few publications as well over her career in Arizona. She has been asked to speak at schools, acting studios, events, pod cast and to parents for years now. By educating folks about the business and helping them do this the right way she has helped thousands of talent and parents out over the years. Misti grew her company by expanding into photography a few years back. After picking out headshots for over 15 years she knew what worked and what didn't. She also saw folks spending lots of money on shots that would not work. While others really just needed a more affordable option. Misti also wanted to help with more then just taking a shot so she got shopping. Lots of time was put in to picking the right wardrobe for photo shoots. She really wants to make sure you look great! Using her years of experience to get the "looks" that would be most marketable is what she brings to the table. She is not your average photographer that's for sure! Just see the reviews and shots on this site. Misti's next phase is to go to other states and speak to more students but she needs help. Her go fund me page was launched in Sept 2020. Misti's videos came out in October 2020 so she could help as many people as possible all while trying to raise money on her go fund me page. Misti's goal is to volunteer her time speaking to school's out of AZ with the travel expenses covered from her go fund me page. She will help inspire and educate young actors through out the year from all over to find legit local industry professionals to work with in their town.

Small sample of clients Misti has helped place her talent in ads with in the past 23 yrs.

Sonoran Living Live 2013

CBS News 2018

CBS News 2018

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