Common Sense Academy

Common sense can be described as having sound judgment derived from experience rather than study.

So some of you don't have the experience

but I do............23 yrs. to be exact.

Stop Making These Common Sense Mistakes

Knowing the lingo is essential to doing this correct. Attached is a glossary of Talent Terms every actor should know.

  • What are sides? Not potatoes!

  • What is a wrap? Not food either!

  • What is a booking? Not a book deal!

  • What is a cattle call? No cows are called!

  • Have a shoot? No guns are used!!!

A Dr. or Lawyer for example has to learn the

vocabulary and this is no different.

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Always confirm for your Audition ASAP!

The casting directors and your agent are all waiting on You...waiting...stilll waiting....

You Must have paper work filled out

on set at every job... even non-paying jobs.

Under Terms and Conditions

you add copy/footage in place of payment.

Sample Voucher

Represented talent should contact their agent for all forms and you must send the agency a copy for billing purposes.

Always include your rate and usage!

Adults can not say they have a current headshot if it is 3 yrs old!

Kids can not say they have a current headshot if it is over 18 months old!

Talent must have current shots if you want your agent to submit you and you be their first choice to push to a client hiring off of headshots.

Self-taping is a must and you must invest into this!

Start with your background.

Remember you should be standing when you do most self-tapes.

A pop up background

A sheet background.

Use background stand

Your camera must be turned horizontal for video auditions.

Next is lighting. Bad lighting, sound and background can ruin

your self-tape.

Natural lighting is great.

Dual tripod ring light

(6 feet or taller is best)

Hire a professional.

If you go on Amazon you can find pop up backgrounds

and a dual tripod ring light that is 6 feet for around $80.00 total.

A video with more info on self-taping is coming soon.

Print out these tips and watch the videos on self-taping to make sure you do this correct. We see experienced actors making these common mistakes. Even with the directions we were giving out we still saw these mistakes in the

"What not to do" video on self-taping.

Simply drag this onto desktop to print.

Wear the same thing to the callback as you did for the audition.

Hot tip: Take a photo of yourself in your audition outfit with that script.

Callbacks can be weeks apart.

More facts and tips coming soon.

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