Misti's new photography company is 

Uplifting Image. 

Please visit her site and click link if you are looking for a photographer. 


Character shots are great for actors and models who are going out for commercial print jobs. Actors can also use them to showcase a range in looks for TV and film work. Selecting the right characters to create is key and Misti's years of experience can help you with this decision. For parents you have some of the best shots you'll ever have on your kid and what we use can also be used for the family like a holiday shot or graduation shot. 

Top 5 Reason Misti should be your first choice

Misti is more then just a photographer, she is also an agent so she really knows what she wants and what works best. She picked out headshot for over 15 yrs and had her first photo shoot when she was 7 yrs old. Being a child actress/model makes her more relatable to anyone in the biz. Misti is in an industry where most "wear's multiple hats" and have something on the side going is very common. Spacing folks out is the only option since auditions/callbacks take priority. She loves to take shots of kids and they love working with her. Folks are also encouraged to ask some questions about the industry during some of the down time which is very helpful. Free advice coming from a professional that can last you a lifetime, damn... now that is a great deal. 

So besides all of that......these are the top 5 reason why folks choose to hire Misti for their next photo shoot. 

1) Quality of shots are at or above industry standards at an affordable price. 

2) Misti's advice is after 25 years working at a SAG/AFTRA agency so she understands what will work. 

3) She gives you so much...all the shots full size right then. WOW. Best part most don't need edited. 

4) Misti went out and personally purchased wardrobe for talent to use for photo shoots. She will use what you have and include some of her hand selected wardrobe to make sure you look great in your next photo shoot. She also has wardrobe avail to purchase so you can have the perfect audition outfits. 

5) OMG the props! She has so many props to help create characters to showcase your range in looks. She actually creates a scene for you to shoot in all while making sure to get different looks, expressions and range to make the most out of your time and the session.

FYI this is the sales price from an LA photography studio. You save so much money taking shots in AZ and especially with Misti since she offers way more for less. 


Misti worked with Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant 2020.  (a little update Misti worked with the pageant again in 2023)

Thanks Again for doing this, they have all reported that they enjoyed their time there and had a good time. I will be calling you when the Pageant is over to get my new Head Shots. I would like to offer all of you tickets to the Pageant. Just tell me how many. We have some outstanding talented Ladies and the show is going to be great. We are really proud of all of them. 

Thanks Misti! You were a Life Saver!!

I will be calling you!!

With Much Love and Appreciation,

Herme Sherry.

👍This one is great Misti😉

You did a great job.

Thank you so much❤


I love the shot with the head tilt 

so let's leave it at that. 

Love that shot I picked and whatever you do with it.


Misti,  this one will be great to send!! 

They all are so good.. thank you 🙏😊

Misti's holiday shot was selected to be used to promote a production at Desert Stages Theater