Misti Wagner is an industry expert with over 25+ years working at a licensed SAG/AFTRA full service talent agency in Arizona. She loves being a talent agent and over the years she has seen it all.  Working with big clients in TV, Film, Commercials and Print is just another normal year for her. She has selected talent to sign who were cast in projects for American Express, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, McDonalds, Lipitor, In Plain Sight, Petsmart, 2Guns and thousands of others. While Misti continues to meet with her actors for free anytime and out at networking event some unrepresented talent might need some help. You might not live in AZ and see this. For individual attention contact Misti Wagner at actingbusinesscoach@gmail.com for a consultation at $30.00 for 30 minutes (free for her actors). She is very busy and wants you to review everything and then see if you still need to see her. The goal of the site and videos is to get a lot here for free. Once you learn all of that more....then you might want to meet with her or not yet. This option is best for personalize questions, creating a business plan, translation for Spanish speaking parents or wardrobe styling tips specific to this industry. She also has lots of facts/material to share from over the years that is for consultations only. In person career coaching is available in Tempe AZ, via Zoom or Facetime. Save time and money by subscribing to her free YouTube channel to learn about the business side of being a working actor. Check out her Free videos on her YouTube channel. Being informed shouldn't cost a lot but this is at least a $500 value or more compared to what some other companies are charging and you get it for Free right now!!! In fact their is a good chance Misti will also save you $1000 or more from some "red flag" companies to look out for. Avoid glam scams that charge over $500.00-$5,000 to beginners. So after she has helped you for free please visit her GoFund me page so you can help Misti help the next generation of kids can learn how to do this the right way. Her goal is to go to high schools and educate theater kids about the biz.  Misti is a true talent development expert helping 1000's achieve their goals of becoming a paid actor on quality sets making over $1000.00 per day as an OCP or print model. Contact her today for professional advice that will get results. Don't go down the wrong path over and over again. Work with a professional if you want to be professional!

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Contact Misti at actingbusinesscoach@gmail.com or 480-529-9931