Misti Wagner

Acting Business Coach

Learn from a Professional, Be Professional


Talent agent Misti Wagner has over 25 years in the industry and she will educate actors and parents at all levels about the business side. From just starting out to contracts, talent releases on sets, your image/brand, safety concerns and networking Misti has years of experience to share with professional actors and parents. 

Misti Wagner is sure to save you time, money, heartache, and frustration. Sure you can do this on your own, but you could waste lots of time and money on the wrong companies or it might take you way longer to book more jobs because of little mistakes you are making. Misti has a curriculum laid out to jumpstart your career now. With her personal help, you should be ready to work within 3-6 months while you continue to grow and develop over the months and years ahead. Talent at all levels make mistakes, why should you. Don’t wait another moment email Misti today to set up a consultation.


Misti Wagner takes pride in the work she does to help actors at all levels reach their goals.

She will educate, inspire and motivate you every step of the way. All your questions will get answered.

Their are no guarantee in this business but you can rely on the advice and tips she gives.

Misti offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, because if you are not happy neither is she.

I'm excited to work with talent at all levels.

Parents, I'd love to work with you and your child.